These datasets are used for machine-learning research and have been cited in peer-reviewed academic journals. Datasets are an integral part of the field of machine learning.
The corpus includes 54 talkers, with 100 utterances per talker (50 Lombard and 50 plain utterances). This dataset follows the same sentence format as the audiovisual Grid corpus, and can thus be considered as an extension of that corpus. The sentence sets used in the Lombard Grid corpus are unique, however, and have not been utilized by the ...
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We collected receipts to construct a corpus of genuine and anonymous documents in order to create a benchmark for the evaluation of fraud detection approaches. This dataset is currently composed of 1969 images of receipts and the associated OCR result for each. 250 of them have been altered.

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  • Mar 21, 2020 · Creates a dataset named Cultural Context Content (CCC) for each language edition with the articles that relate to its cultural context (geography, people, traditions, history, companies, etc.). github: 2019 Time-series graph of Wikipedia Wikipedia web network stored in Neo4J database. Pagecounts data stored in Apache Cassandra database.
  • AVSpeech is a new, large-scale audio-visual dataset comprising speech video clips with no interfering backgruond noises. The segments are 3-10 seconds long, and in each clip the audible sound in the soundtrack belongs to a single speaking person, visible in the video.

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The IITB Corpus Download Form Kindly enter your information below before proceeding to download. All fields are compulsory. ... the dataset: Organization:

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  • In the OPUS project we try to convert and align free online data, to add linguistic annotation, and to provide the community with a publicly available parallel corpus. OPUS is based on open source products and the corpus is also delivered as an open content package.
  • The dataset includes recordings of chirps that can be used to measure impulse responses and of speech clips derived from the CSTR VCTK corpus.

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The MAS Corpus contains a set of manually tagged tweets in Spanish language of interest for marketing purposes. For every Twitter post, tags are provided to describe three different aspects of the text: the sentiments; whether it makes a mention to an element of the marketing mix ; the position of the tweet author with respect to the purchase ...

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Requesting access. The latest version of MIMIC is MIMIC-III v1.4, which comprises 61,532 intensive care unit stays: 53,432 stays for adult patients and 8,100 for neonatal patients.

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The raw data was extracted from curated data in the CTD-Pfizer collaboration with document-level annotations of Description The NLM-Chem corpus is a manually annotated full-text resource on...

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A corpus may be open or closed. An open corpus is one which does not claim to contain all data from a specific area while a closed corpus does claim to contain all or nearly all data from a particular field. Historical corpora, for example, are closed as there can be no further input to an area. What is the use of Corpus?

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Mar 28, 2017 · This biomedical summarization task and dataset is expected to be of interest to a broad community including those working in biomedical NLP, text summarization, discourse structure in scholarly discourse, and paraphrase, textual entailment, and/or text simplification.

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To get a list of all published datasets, start with the 'Browse' link. Search terms. Please enter one or more terms in the search box. All terms occur in the document. For example: archaeological predictive modelling. Use English and Dutch terms For example: Enter human rights, but also mensenrechten. Hence: enter human rights or mensenrechten.

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