I ran into the following problem when trying to mosaic several rasters on top of each other. In vv[is.na(vv)] <- getValues(x[[i]])[is.na(vv)] : number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length As @Robert Hijmans pointed out, it was likely because of misaligned rasters. To work around this, I had to resample the rasters first
Click Add. In the Add Address Locator browser, navigate to \GTKArcGIS\Chapter17 \MyData folder. Click the Atlanta customers address locator you created in the previous exercise. Make sure your dialog box matches the following graphic, then click Add.
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Have you tried adding just a few of your rasters together using the raster calculator? Might give you a sense of whether the problem is an extent issue or a format problem? There might be a limit to how much text the raster calculator can handle. Try using a script such as: import arcpy intCount = 0 MainWS = "C:\GISProj\RasterData" from arcpy import env

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  • rasters can have different resolutions while adding the vegetation pattern raster to the DEM, the cell size is set to “Min of Inputs” (the minimum cell size) this could result in resampled rasters in this example: DEM cell size : 10 vegetation pattern cell size : 3.63 in this case, the DEM will be
  • Jun 27, 2019 · The inputs must have the same number of bands and same bit depth. Open the Mosaic To New Raster tool by navigating to ArcToolbox > Data Management Tools > Raster > Raster Dataset. Insert the raster files. Select the output location.

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  • Add it by dragging and dropping from the Catalog, another ArcGIS application, or the Windows file browser window. Add it using the Add Data button on the Standard toolbar. When you add raster data via the Add Data dialog box or from the Catalog window, each unique dataset type appears with its own icon.
  • arcgis.raster.functions module¶. Raster functions allow you to define processing operations that will be applied to one or more rasters. These functions are applied to the raster data on the fly as the data is accessed and viewed; therefore, they can be applied quickly without having to endure the time it would otherwise take to create a processed product on disk, for which raster analytics ...

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Instructions provided describe how to add two rasters together and preserve all pixel values from each raster dataset. Currently, when adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing a raster by another raster, only the intersecting cells are preserved.

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This blog is in response to a comment about how to create a layer stack in ArcGIS. We try really hard at Esri to make imagery management as easy as possible. It's often an overlooked aspect of image analysis, but if you're waiting a long time for an image to load, or to put together a band composition, it takes the fun out of it.

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Mosaic Datasets (rasters) Create Mosaic Dataset. Add Raster to Mosaic Dataset. Open Attribute Table. Add time field. Edit Mosaic Dataset. Add date value to each raster layer. Enable time on Mosaic via LayerProperties. Use Time Slider to play around! http://esriaustraliatechblog.wordpress.com/2011/08/18/time-enabled-rasters/

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Merge Rasters function. The Merge Rasters function represents a grouped or merged collection of rasters. It is useful when you have multiple rasters that you want treated as a single item, for example, to calculate the same statistics for all, or to treat as one image when color balancing (thereby, not color balancing each image separately).

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Then extract the values of the vegetation rasters to those points and then extract the attribute values of the shapefile to those points. I've been able to clip my vegetation rasters to the extent of my shapefile and place a point at the center of each 30m pixel of those rasters and extract the values of the rasters to the points.

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I have 50 rasters I would like to mosaic together. For each raster, I have created an attribute table that contains one additional column of text codes.

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