The answer was a definite no. They said you could rev an engine all day long in neutral without causing any damage. So, don't sweat it. We all do the nice miss-shift from first to second over-rev move. It's embarrasing as hell, but it happens to everyone. just don't worry about damaging the engine.
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It can be the engine oil pump, the hydraulic pump in the front of the tractor, which runs the loader, or, perhaps, the hydraulic pump in the final drive casing which runs the three-point hitch. Best advice is to keep the engine rpm's relatively low until the oil warms up enough to circulate freely.

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  • May 30, 2014 · If you are in neutral, the wheels will not turn the engine, so the engine has to send fuel to the combustion chambers to maintain idle RPM so that the engine doesn’t stall. You can see this...
  • both in drive and neutral, but it only happened once in drive and does not happen very often in neutral. I revved it in neutral when in traffic next to my friend who has a mustang (my exhaust is pretty nice) and it goes to the limiter and then goes down to 0 and dies. Since i have the viper alarm i have to put the car in park, let go of the break and gas, click the butto

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Jun 17, 2012 · Speedo jumps when revving in neutral Anyone else notice this. The other day I was revving the engine for a neighbour who wanted to hear the big V8 roar and at about 3500RPM the speedo on my DIC jumped to 17KM/h then all the bells went off, I got a message saying release parking brake and the car would not stop dinging untill I did.

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  • Here are some more details: -The noise is a high-pitched whine (not whistle) that changes pitch with engine RPM. -The noise is more pronounced around the passenger-side wheel well. -If I coast down a hill and put the car in neutral, the noise does not change pitch even when accelerating.
  • Just got my GTO (37,000 mi) a week ago, bone stock except for LSS shifter. Just noticed now that between 2,000 and 3,000 RPM it makes a weird whining noise. Almost sounds reminiscent of a supercharger whine, though not as distinct. After the 3 grand range, it drops off. At idle, no noise -...

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Usually, high pitched noises like a squeak or a squeal are caused by your engine belts. The engine belts are typically made from a hard rubber and run on metal and plastic pulleys. If a pulley is misaligned or seized it will rub on the edge of the belt causing this squeaking or chirping.

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I own a Ford Ecosport Diesel Turbo 1.5 TDCI. Every morning when I start the car, I put it on neutral and rev it up to 6K RPM for 3 seconds then bring it back to normal idling without revving and start my normal drive. The intention is to clear any carbon deposits inside the engine and exhaust. Is that a bad practice?

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It just started today. My engine is revving, at idle, in park and in neutral. When I put the Pilot in park, the engine revs from 900 rpms, up to 1,600 rpms, and them immediately drops back to 900 rpms, only to repeat the process over, and over,and over.....

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Mar 03, 2012 · Hello everybody, I have posted this on the new memebers section and would now welcome some help from you owners. I am about to buy a 2011 E92 M3 DCT but during the test drive I was aware of a whining noise at low speeds coming from what I assumed was the transmission.

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My dad has a 97 Sierra with the 5.7 with 140k miles. Today I noticed a high pitch whining noise when accelerating that rises in pitch with the RPMs. It's especially noticeable in 1st and 2nd gear. It does it when you rev it in neutral, so I assume that's a good thing because it's probably not transmission or driveshaft related.

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The power steering fluid is at normal level. It happens on cold starts and disappears after about a minute while idling. When driving the noise doesn't go away and happens above 2,000 rpm. The noise doesn't happen when revving the engine in neutral.

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